About JMaCreations

GETTING ahead as the owner of a small business can be hard.

Staying ahead of trends, keeping your marketing material up to date and generally standing out from the crowd takes time, commitment and, most believe, big bucks.

But Jonathan McClintock from local Yeppoon design company JMaCreations says that doesn’t have to be the case. “Design doesn’t have to be expensive, and it also doesn’t have to look like a primary school craft,” Jonathan said. “Find someone local you can trust – while you’re at it you’ll be supporting local business.”

JMaCreations offers everything to do with graphic and web design including; business identity (logo’s, business cards, etc.), promotional products, web hosting and IT advice.

Officially joining the industry with his own business in 2011, Jonathan did so because he saw a need. “I saw too many businesses with poorly created logo’s, websites or letterheads and heard many couldn’t afford to fix it, or knew they needed to.” he said. “JMaCreations is focused on small businesses and helping them realise that good graphic and web design doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Setting his business apart from other design businesses through a personal approach, lower prices and staying current with the latest design trends, JMaCreations is the obvious choice. “The most important thing with design is making sure the client is happy with the end product,” he said.

With that in mind Jonathan has some advice for would-be clients. “Having an idea of where you want your design to be used, always helps the design process,” he said. “It’s also important to make sure the client is using all avenues of media, and using them well, we can help with that,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan says small business owners can come to JMaCreations and receive professional, up-to-date advertising material without having to spend the big money some of their competitors are spending. Plus you will get follow-up service lacking in many other businesses. “When you get work done with JMaCreations we regularly share and support your business through our own online social media presence as a thank you for choosing JMaCreations.”

While JMaCreations is a Yeppoon based business, being based online Jonathan says he gets clients from interstate too. “Mostly I service the Capricorn Coast and surrounding areas. But as most communication is done via email after the initial meeting (which can be done via Skype) I can offer my services to anyone in Australia,” He said.

If you are looking for reliable, modern and affordable design look no further than JMaCreations.