Open Letter To all JMaCreations customers

The past 7 years have been a great time of learning and of up’s and down’s. I’d first like to thank everyone who has trusted me with the graphic, web and photography needs of your business. I have enjoyed using the gift God has given me and I have learnt many things while serving your business and helping your business grow. I have also had, in the same 7 years, the pleasure of marrying my wonderful wife Jazmine and having 2 kids and the many changes personally all that brings. With all these changes, throughout 2018 I have found I haven’t been able to support both this business, a full time job and meet the needs of my family.

It is with that I would like to advise that JMaCreations will cease operation as of December 31st 2018. I would be happy to help you find other businesses in the Central Queensland region to service your businesses. With this closure – on the 31st December 2018 all web sites with JMaCreations not moved to other providers with be shutdown with the end of web server. The current bank account details will no longer be current and will be closed also. If you do require payments to be made I can supply a new account.

Recommended Businesses in Central Queensland

Firstly if you have ANY computer requirements (sales, repair & support), web hosting or domain registration requirements please contact Infin Net (my previous employer of 8 years) as they are 100% capable of helping your business succeed in technology and web realms. You can go to their Facebook page or call 07 4939 3590 and talk to the team.

If you need photography in any form, please contact KType Creative Photography. Kelli is a passionate photographer with a wide background including marketing, media and art. Feel free to talk with her about any concerns and needs you may have in the future of your businesses. You can visit her website or Facebook page to find out more and contact Kelli. Kelli also has made a number of great contacts in the region and can help put you in touch with great web and graphic designers.

Again I would like to thank you for the past 7 years of business and all you support. I hope all have a great year as you look to 2019.

Thank you and God Bless,
Jonathan McClintock
Owner, Graphic & Web Designer